Prerequisites for Running Evolve

Prerequisites For Running Evolve (x64)


  1. The user account we are assigned must be an account that has administrative access to both archiving systems, at least read only access to the archiving system databases, full Exchange mailbox rights including read access to the exchange GAL, and “Sysadmin” role on the Evolve SQL Server.  For an Enterprise Vault deployment, this should either be the Vault Service Account or similar.
  2. .NET 4.6.2 or higher.
  3. Microsoft Outlook (x64) 2013 and up – fully patched
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, 2013, and 2015 Redistributable Packages (x64).
    C++ 2010 (x64),   C++ 2013 (x64),   C++ 2015 (x64)

Extra Configurations:

1)    The user account assigned must be an account that has:

    i)       Administrative access to both archiving systems

    ii)      At least read only access to the source archiving system database(s)

    iii)     Full Exchange Mailbox rights

    iv)     SYSADMIN role on the Evolve SQL Server. 

    v)      For an Enterprise Vault deployment, the migration account should be the Vault Service Account.

2)    SQL Server for the Evolve Database – Should have at least 100GB of data space. The larger the deployment, the larger the database sizing needs.  As a rule of thumb the database size will be approximately 10-15% of the                size of the data amount to be migrated. Once Evolve DB is created, named pipes and TCP-IP need to be enabled for connectivity.

3)    SQL Server Enterprise 2012 is preferable but Evolve also supports SQL2005-2016 for the Evolve Database.

4)    Proper Enterprise Vault Licensing and the correct API run-time is required for an Enterprise Vault Deployment.

5)    Anti-Virus software should not be installed on both the SQL Server and the Application Server.  Should it be required to be installed, the database file directory on the SQL Server as well as the Working, Storage, Temp, and Log file            locations for Evolve must be excluded from scans.

    i)    Anti-Virus will have a drastic effect on performance and can prevent proper processing.

6)    Windows Update needs to be disabled on all Evolve servers (SQL &App)

    i)       A Windows update during a migration may break the migration process

7)    Management software (examples: Altiris, ManageEngine) should be disabledon the servers.

    i)    Management software can have a drastic effect on performance and can prevent proper processing.

8)    Reporting Services 2008 or higher is required to enable reporting.